Thursday, July 7, 2011

awkwardly tall.

I was at least 5'6'' in the 6th grade. in case you didn't catch that, it's super awkwardly tall. the only thing that saved me from being the tallest was alan hampson, who is currently 7 feet tall. true story.
when i was younger i HATED my height. i was always taller than everyone and i was basically a giant. people always told me i would love it when i was older and i used to scoff, before i even knew what the word scoff was.
now, i LOVE my height. and sometimes, i even wish i was a little taller.
i'm about 5'8"-5'9" at this moment in time. which, i feel is kind of average. (although others wouldn't agree. apparently average height is 5'5", hello 6th grade cailey.) and if you know me at all, i don't enjoy being average. average is boring.
perhaps that's why i enjoy wearing heels, because i'm basically gargantuan. i can see over everyone, it's lovely.

so to all you ladies who hate being tall, get over it. (get it, cause they're tall. good one right?)


Laura said...

Holla from this piece! Mostly because I can't resist that joke at the end.

I'm 5'9, and some days I'm randomly 5'10. I also used to wish I was more "normal," but now I work the heels.

The only problem is when you find a boy who is only 2 inches taller than you and so heels don't help your case much.

I think I just exposed myself. Whatever. We're both tall and what you'd call a dinosaursensation.