Thursday, July 7, 2011

i hope my future black children are half as adorable as him.

Eshaya Draper.
is he not adorable?!?

Have you ever seen college road trip?
i feel he steals the ENTIRE show with his adorable face and quick wit.
who wouldn't love that face?!
watch him be adorably smart in this video.
he is the cutest little black boy i have ever seen in my whole life.
can i please just take him home?
watch college road trip, you too will fall in love with that face.


Hippie Grandma said...

i hope you never forget how freaking fantastic you are.
and if i had been drinking a beverage when i read this post, i would've spit my beverage out of my mouth due to laughter at the title of this post.
.... if that makes sense.
haha. :)