Saturday, July 23, 2011

in need of:

a football loving girl with no life who enjoys watching from the sidelines and the smell of sweat.
you must attend pghs and have pride like no one's business.
you must be available for football practices and games.
we are looking for a squashmore, but we'll take others.
we are in need of another water girl for this coming year.
if you are interested, we will give you an interview. (mostly because that's comical.)
but seriously.
we have to see if we'll enjoy working with you.
and, see if you fulfill all the requirements.

this is a serious invitation.
comment if interested.

not sure if you'll enjoy the job?
read about the hilarious coaches here
read what you won't understand here
read why rain is a good thing here
read about the lovely football people here
read about football excitement here

basically it's the best.


Alexis Ann said...

in many ways i have a great desire to do this.

mardiiiii said...

i am serious.

Mary said...

that sounds like the extracurricular that i need in my life. and hey, i'm a squashmore! the planets have aligned for this.

Courtney Clayburn said...

I would LOVE to do this.