Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's almost four in the morning but i had to blog about his before i lost it.

so, lexi and kellee jo and i bumped into each other at walmart today.
lexi proceeded to tell me selena gomez was pregnant.
i proceeded to tell her that was extremely false because does not say so.
so, i search some more JUST in case.
I find this hilarious quote from OK! magazine.
"When 18-year-old Selena Gomez checked into a Burbank, Calif., hospital complaining of headaches and nausea (and reportedly receiving blood pressure tests) on June 9, the rumor mill went into overdrive: Was the Disney darling living the dreams of millions of young women around the world — by carrying The Biebs’ love child?"
does that make anyone else laugh out loud?!


Lexi. said...

hahahah. ohh i like this post far to much for words.

steph said...

oh geez. haha this is great!

kellee jo said...

heavens heavens heavens. i love that

Alice said...

this post is great! can't say how much it is :3