Sunday, July 17, 2011

maybe i should look into gold digging.

growing up is the worst for one reason and one reason only. money.
along with money, is that thing called work. which sometimes isn't so bad.

money and growing up seems to be smacking me in the face lately.
school costs a lot of money.
my ipod broke and i must buy a new one. it's cheaper to buy an iphone and renew my plan, though cheaper still means 300$
gas is expensive, and i drive everywhere, not to mention i will be driving to provo and back everyday in a week and 2 days.
school clothes and shoes are necessary because i must wear all black.
eating is a necessity though i'd be skinnier without it.

when did this world get so expensive and why can't we go back to 1950's prices?

i need a really rich boyfriend.
or perhaps i'll be a gold digger.
or kiss justin bieber and sell the picture to people.
maybe i'll claim to be JK rowling's daughter. or Oprah's.
ellen helps people. i'll write to her.
do you think i could sell some socks or my obscene amount of flip flops?

anyone have any good ideas for this problem of mine?