Sunday, July 24, 2011

not kidding you. an exact conversation.

I was at seagull book and tape working and folding clothes when i hear this conversation between a 4-5 year old girl and her mother.

girl: "mom. i know what we can get kayla for her birthday?" (in a super serious voice.)
mom: "what?"
girl: "a fork."
mom: "a fork?"
girl: "yes, a fork."
mom:"why would we buy her a fork?"
girl:"because it'd be funny." (in a sort of way that says duh, how did you not get that?)

stinking hilarious. i bust out laughing right there in seagull book and tape.


court said...

with out a doubt a mini me. for sure.

Shelbie Jude said...

what a splendid thing to overhear. :)

i love your blog.

worship it, in fact.

can't wait to hear all of the paul mitchell stories. :)