Sunday, July 3, 2011

oh brad.

Brad Paisley ladies and gents.
last night i had the glorious last seccond opportunity to attend the stadium of fire. featuring Brad.
he did phenomenal to say the least.
at the end, he jumped in a pool and swam away.
pictures and the whole night story are to come soon enough, but for now, let's talk about brad.

basically we just love him because he's married to kimberly and is such a family man. he has some really great kids and he is absolutely hilarious.

he taught his son to say "that's what she said." read here.

His son, Huck. (featured above with a hilarious quote) is OBSESSED with carrie underwood (let's be real, who isn't obsessed with carrie?) he's 4 years old and he gave her a valentine and some roses. the story is adorable. read here.

everything about brad is so real. he isn't some fake celebrity (though we like them too, for the most part.) he's got a family and great kids. he lives on a farm and writes songs for his wife of 8 years. he's just so genuine. as we were walking back to my cousin's apartment, we saw a 10 year old boy wearing the exact same shirt he had just been wearing onstage. a superman shirt with usa colors.

plus, we can't forget handsome.
annnnnnd, he has a nice bum.

read everything BRAD PAISLEY here.
for now, until i put my photos up, enjoy this nice picture.

want to see all brad's pictures and some hilarious quotes? here.

i may love a little too much.


melia said...

yep, yep. i love brad paisley a lot. he was awesome last night.