Friday, July 8, 2011

oh justin, someday.

Get it? it's his fragrance. funny right?

The other day my mom and i went to the mall because we (i) were ridiculously bored.
obviously we had to hit up claires and stalk the jb merchandise.
then, hit up nordstrom to smell the jb merchandise. his fragrance, i mean. that was awkwardly stated...

at first, i was not impressed. then, as the day went on and i kept sniffing it on me, (especially when i was driving the the air conditioning was hitting my wrist perfectly and wafting that beautiful scent in front of my face) it was REALLY delicious. for reals. really really good smelling. a little fruity, and a lot delicious.

someday (there's that pun again. it keeps sneaking in.) i will buy that perfume and wear it sparingly, to not waste the 40$ a bottle goodness. i will attract jb with his own perfume, and we will fall in love and have good smelling babies. ones that smell like fruit and baby. not to be confused by baby fruit. which is just a smaller version of regular sized fruit.

so, basically jb's fragrance is sthupa delicious.


kait said...

maybe it's the fact that it's late
maybe it's the fact that I love you
maybe it's the fact that jb has some mystical power to make any girl giggle
but I couldn't stop from laughing over that last paragraph. I think I may have even shed a few tears.
wow, okay. so I say you and I go on a little play date someday, and we go find the Biebs love potion.
sound good?

rue. said...

my grandma bought me his fragrance thinking she was a real class act. i hate jb, and she knows it. that devil. in all seriousness, you may have the perfume.