Monday, July 25, 2011

sometimes i feel really bad for my future husband.

because he has to marry into my family. we're all a little out of control, but in the best way.
If you knew my family you'd understand.
but, since you don't, let me tell you about them. they're really great.
There are currently 25 of us pleasant grove haynie's.
2 parents
7 siblings
5 in-laws
9 nephews
2 nieces

me being the youngest, my future husband is not only going to get the wrath from my 6 siblings, but also their spouses and children.
he should fear us.
not to mention, us haynie's tend to like names that correspond with each other.
yes, we're the matchy matchy type.
connie.courtney. cali.cailey.
heaven help this fine young man.

along with the name insanity, you have merciless teasing; things that i will never live down.
like when i was 5 and insisted that arthur was mine, or how i enjoy walmart, or how i bought a light up harry potter wand for 30$, or how sometimes i fail at handstands and smack the floor too hard.

to join the name insanity, and merciless teasing you have things like:
the blanket twirl
tossing children into pillows
loud singing
dance offs
handstand contests
lifting people up with your hands
mustaches in mexico
extravagant sandcastle building
among many other things.

basically, 4th sunday dinner is a little bit out of control, but the greatest thing you will ever experience.

even though it's really great, i still feel bad for the poor chap who has to join this circus.

june 2010, 3 new babies added since then
the seven siblings
balancing acts

all the grandkids

my nephews are really tall


emilee said...

this is really funny.
sounds almost a bit like my family.

Jared and Keri said...

Sounds like this future husband of yours is one lucky guy!! You forgot to mention our waxing parties and sometimes how we like to deep fry lots of things.

Vicki said...
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