Sunday, August 28, 2011

PG pride, baby.

I have a ridiculous amount of PG pride.

so much in fact, i may or may not have but definitely did put blue streaks in my hair. which bled to my blondes, making me look even more blue haired.
it's real dope.
i'm slightly obsessed.
now i've been purple and blue, which color is next?

one day, i'll post a picture.
but for now, take my word that it's supa dope.

this past week.

has been one of the hardest weeks of my whole life.
so many emotions and changes.

one of the most HILARIOUS movies i have ever seen.

SO many quotable lines.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i always knew this day would come.

The song played on repeat the entire day. Perhaps to comfort me, or perhaps to remind me. Last night it hit me, and hit me hard. I sobbed for a while and went to bed, wishing i could forget that everyone would be gone the next day.
It felt like an omen, us all together one last time. It was just like old times. Lyssa hit me and Stacie pulled my hair. For a moment, i did forget, only to turn to see the tears in alyssa's eyes and have it all come back.

We sat around in my kitchen, all together and making treats. We separated and got back together at Alyssa's house. We laughed, made stupid jokes, and wrote down our future husbands on paper. The box was sealed and a name was drawn. We all wished it would be us. The good luck goes to stacie, until we will all be together once again in st george, utah.

One by one they all left with a hug and tears in their eyes. Eventually it was Ashley, Alyssa, and I. The mere thought of leaving left an ache in my stomach. we made jokes and ignored the elephant in the room. it was finally time to part and i made them walk me to my car.
We stood on the sidewalk for a long time. we hugged tightly and tears were shed. *Rules and promises were made, and finally i took a deep breath and drove away. i was barely down the street before the tears started to stream and my breath shallowed. i ended up home in an empty house, already missing my best friends.

to say this week will be rough for all of us is an understatement.
good luck girls. i love you all.

-don't make any friends funnier than me.
-don't forget about me in college.
-text me everyday.
-date boys.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

right now.

i wish everything would pause.
i wish lyss and ashley weren't moving out.
i wish snow college was closer.
i wish the other girls weren't beginning college
i wish megan wasn't engaged.
i wish it was 3 months ago when we all sat around the fire and told secrets.
i wish school didn't begin on tuesday.
i wish junior year would start again, from the beginning.

i wish everything would stay the same.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i wish you'd never grow up.

As usual, Taylor Swift has a song for what's happening RIGHT NOW in my life.
She was on to something when she pleaded with the little girl to never grow up. I wonder if i had known that all this was coming so soon, if i would have taken advantage of not growing up. I wonder if i would've been immature and hung out too long. maybe i should have been late to curfew and not stayed home that night.

Tomorrow, the turtle box girls will be separated.
megan, the one we all dubbed first to get married got engaged. and i could not be happier for her.
alyssa & ashley are headed to snow.
brooke & stacie begin UVU soon
kate is still finishing her asthetics license.
bro0oke is starting BYU.
as for me, hair school, football, high school, and work consumes my life.

the 'C' word can no longer be avoided.
text messages and phone calls are our main source of communication.
there will be no more walmart runs with alyssa, or sitting on my couch sharing missionary letters.
school will consume our lives, and we'll all grow
Stacie put in it great terms here. (except i will NOT turn your hair green)

to my turtle girls:
alyssa. no matter how funny or not funny my jokes were, you always laughed. you were constantly there and my best friend. you shared your brothers when i missed mine, and i always knew i was welcome in your house. there are SO many memories at your kitchen table. each time something happens, i think; i gotta call lyshk. i can't tell you how much i love you.
megan. i honestly think you made me funnier. our texting conversations were epic. i'm so happy for you and mckay, and i am so stoked for you start this next chapter in your life.
stacie. i feel like all 7 of us joined your family. I feel like, for a while, I lived at your house more than my own. you are always there for a laugh, and honestly i'm really glad you aren't moving out.
brooke. my brookie. i think i made fun of you the most because i knew you could take it. whenever someone looks the least bit down, you're always there. you have the best compliments and always boost my self-esteem.
kate. you and i may just be the same person. we just get each other. an unexplainable connection. our ugly faces may just be the funniest things ever. you and i are out of control together, but that is EXACTLY how i like it.
ashley. you know how i love to make you feel awkward. your family became like my family. i love when your mother tells us about creepers, or when your sister and i go to taco bell. some lucky guy is going to snatch you up right away. you know you have a best friend when they let you sing opera at midnight.
bro0oke. i know you will be brilliant at BYU. i always love when i get to see you. i love your grandma stories and playing in your backyard.

i wish i could explain just HOW MUCH i love these girls.
i already miss them all.

hannah sings my feelings well here and here, as does tswift here.

don't forget about me in college, k?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

missing this kid.

please excuse the pre-girl camp attire.