Saturday, August 20, 2011

right now.

i wish everything would pause.
i wish lyss and ashley weren't moving out.
i wish snow college was closer.
i wish the other girls weren't beginning college
i wish megan wasn't engaged.
i wish it was 3 months ago when we all sat around the fire and told secrets.
i wish school didn't begin on tuesday.
i wish junior year would start again, from the beginning.

i wish everything would stay the same.


CaLea said...

I just love you.
And I'm totally feeling your pain right about... now.

Life breezes past way too fast and it's kinda sorta freaking me out way too much.

I love you.
I'm still stuck in the la-la land of high school. So we'll help eachother make it through this crazy year. Deal?

Okay bye awkward public best friend.