Wednesday, September 21, 2011

so listen,

i apologize for my lack of blogging. one day i will catch up.

best friends.
cutting hair.
first time cutting my finger. (no sarcasm. it's a big deal.)
free hug day.
that one boy that makes me swoon.
caper team.
my PMTS girls.
one week until tswift.
a visit from winn claybaugh.
instagram. (seriously. obsessed.)
young womens and the younger girls.
chickening out to chop my hair and actually being glad.
alyssa's long weekend home.
working with design team at the carnival.

my life is out of control, but i am having a ridiculous amount of fun. for reals. those things are basically just from the past 2 days.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

hey you. yes you. come visit me!

mondays 10-4:30

tuesdays-fridays 10-1:30

paul mitchell the school in provo.

haircuts are 8$

Sunday, September 11, 2011

hey, let's be friends everywhere!

find me on;

twitter: caihay
instagram: caileyhaynie
skype: caihay

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

as if i needed another reason to have her as a best friend?

texting conversations are bomb.

Alyssa: "let's see.... you think he's a babe. he's super funny. we appreciate his humor. we like that he liked to us about your brother telling him to send this to you, it's cute he's covering up his crush. you like that he is on a mission. we like that he flies airplanes, we know that you will get married someday. i know that i'll be your maid of honor. no big deal. we know this is true love. what else do we know...."

Me: "hahahahahahahahahahaha hello ultimate creep"

Alyssa: "oh, hey there. :)"

hilarious, right?
also if you read it out loud, it sounds like a childs testimony.