Friday, October 28, 2011

fine, fine, i'll blog.

Since all of you (alright, let's be real here. like 2 people. and one of them is my brother...) has been pressuring me to blog again, here i am. I'll try to be better at blogging. i really will. but, here goes a blog post for all two of you...

I have a ridiculous amount of things to blog about (i guess that what happens when you leave the blogging world for years? weird.)
but for now i'll do just a fun little post about my life currently.

High school is the very worst and I avoid it like the plague. Unfortunately the plague was unavoidable, and so is high school. The term just ended and can you even believe i passed my class? (yes. that is singular, one class.) i can't believe it either.
thank you attendance schools, and the best teacher around, Newman.

football finished and what a tragedy that is in my life. Football is basically the only time i interact with non-gay males.

i'm basically obsessed with my iphone, who has yet to be named. (suggestions anyone?) I just got the updated software (yeah, i know i'm a little late, i'm busy alright?) and it is the bomb.

i really love the new job. it brings me a lot of joy and pondering time (which leads to me writing a book about myself and my life, and deep conversations in my head, but this is all for another blog post.)

I really hate it when i ask a simple question and people go all crazy on me. It was really a serious question, you did not have to be rude.

my days are spent cutting hair and avoiding mannequin heads. i love it.
nights are spent working and or catching up on my television. (DCC, is anyone else watching it?)

my life is basically insane, spent with a whole lot of school and lots of work.