Sunday, November 27, 2011

As if there weren't enough reasons why we love Taylor,

read this 60 minutes interview.

add this little cutie to the fam.

remember this post?
and this one?
well, i've found another black child i need to steal.

Lil' P-Nut. He's a 7 year old rapper, and the sassiest, cutest child you will ever see.

watch this episode of ellen here

and watch this episode of ellen here

I want this little child so bad.
not only is he hilarious and adorable, he can also rap like a mad man.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

and each and every day,

i wish i could go back to that night of pure euphoria.

*someday, i'll blog about that day. for now, i'll just wish it was back.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

sometimes i write a book about my life. it's fine.

remember this one post?

well. at my job, when there are no customers i just sit and work on projects. by myself. it gets super boring, so obviously i have to do something with my time.
as i was contemplating my life, i thought back to the day when i decided i should write a book about my life. (see above) as follows, are the chapters of the book. no, i do not have anything besides the chapter titles, but it will come i'm sure. this may or may not add and subtract, but this is what i've got so far.

chapter one: new years and the future mrs. bieber (see above. again.)
(in no particular order.)
why jumping into car windows is always the best decision

what i learned while wearing headgear.

the awkward hug incident (s) and that one shaking hand.

practically hitler, the manipulative and knifing tale of my teenage life.

because nothing is better than a screaming gorilla

the lyin the (b) witch, and the socially awkward

the nerve of some people's kids


i'd tip my headgear to that.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ladies. listen up.

So, i'm selling these UH-MAZING bag deals full of paul mitchell products!

There are 7 different bags
6 of them are $30. they include shampoo and conditioner, another product, an occasional brush, and the cute tote it comes in. You are seriously saving a boat load of money!

The last bag has a brilliant professional straightener and heat protectant, only for $160!

These things are seriously so awesome. and the plus? You can help me further my education and make my way to a whole entire week of classes by the BEST hair stylists in the biz.

Comment if you want, and we can chat some more and if you want, I can deliver! (within reasonable distance of course)

email me if you are interested and leave your number.

p.s. they make great christmas presents!

*because i am a future professional of paul mitchell, these products are real and sold by professional, as the bottle makes sure.