Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ladies. listen up.

So, i'm selling these UH-MAZING bag deals full of paul mitchell products!

There are 7 different bags
6 of them are $30. they include shampoo and conditioner, another product, an occasional brush, and the cute tote it comes in. You are seriously saving a boat load of money!

The last bag has a brilliant professional straightener and heat protectant, only for $160!

These things are seriously so awesome. and the plus? You can help me further my education and make my way to a whole entire week of classes by the BEST hair stylists in the biz.

Comment if you want, and we can chat some more and if you want, I can deliver! (within reasonable distance of course)

email me if you are interested and leave your number.

p.s. they make great christmas presents!

*because i am a future professional of paul mitchell, these products are real and sold by professional, as the bottle makes sure.