Thursday, November 10, 2011

sometimes i write a book about my life. it's fine.

remember this one post?

well. at my job, when there are no customers i just sit and work on projects. by myself. it gets super boring, so obviously i have to do something with my time.
as i was contemplating my life, i thought back to the day when i decided i should write a book about my life. (see above) as follows, are the chapters of the book. no, i do not have anything besides the chapter titles, but it will come i'm sure. this may or may not add and subtract, but this is what i've got so far.

chapter one: new years and the future mrs. bieber (see above. again.)
(in no particular order.)
why jumping into car windows is always the best decision

what i learned while wearing headgear.

the awkward hug incident (s) and that one shaking hand.

practically hitler, the manipulative and knifing tale of my teenage life.

because nothing is better than a screaming gorilla

the lyin the (b) witch, and the socially awkward

the nerve of some people's kids


i'd tip my headgear to that.


steph said...

i'd SO buy that.

Stacie said...

I'd get an autographed one, right? cause we are besties with breasties?