Saturday, January 14, 2012

we'll call this a short blog va-ka. but i'm back. so heyyy.

I went on a vacation. a blogging vacation, not a real one.

blogging vacations include mourning the loss of sleep and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I cannot even begin to recap all that has gone on but maybe one day i'll tell you some stories.

for now i'll say life is good, real good.
the type of good;
where i spend all my free time with my best friends slash cousins.
where k-dog and c-puppy live in the same house
where my hair is finally long enough for a pony and curling
where the twins and Reagan are due any day now.
where jad comes home in 5 months.
where the broncos will probably end up at the super bowl and i'll probably marry tebow.
where tia bertha makes me hot cocoa and tells me i look nice.

yeah. that kind of good. and a whole lot more.

i'll be better at blogging this year.


carlee ellen said...

yeah, i miss your blogging.