Sunday, July 29, 2012

sunday funday.

I was kidnapped and forced to eat cupcakes.
i have the greatest friends.
church with jesse is.... loud, and snackish.
I'm gonna miss that hooligan when she goes off to SUU. and I'm going to have to make new friends. that's the worst.
we think about skipping relief society but then decide to be good children, and then we almost starve to death.
singles wards are the best. psych.

"you gunna eat this cupcake? can i lick this frosting?"


Mickell S said...

There are three tips I have for singles wards.
Take snacks--lots of them--and don't share with random people.
Always have an ally. If you don't, people like crazy-you-know-who will befriend you.
Avoid people in leadership positions like the plague. That way you won't have to have an awful calling or make you speak in church.