Saturday, September 15, 2012

i need a blog revamp. anyone care to help me?

i fail at computers. seriously.
and at blogging, apparently. sorry bout it.

the best friend is in china. it sucks. it sucks a lot. because sometimes you just need your best friend. especially when she always knows what to say and how to make you feel better. and especially if she laughs at all your jokes and when she makes you laugh really hard. especially when you work a lot of hours and go to school and you just need a good movie night that doesn't really consist of watching a movie, but really of making jokes. especially when you really need her just because you miss her like crazy.

I've got this lovely new job. a full time, adult job. receptionists of the word, unite!
School started back up again, at night. night school is soooo much more relaxed than day and I'm really really happy with my decision.
My dr pepper addiction has gotten even worse. hey, i need something to get me through the day. and it could be redbull. (sometimes it is.)
I eat so much of cheeze it's and grilled cheese sandwiches i'll probably turn orange.


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